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A Short Reflection From John 5:31-47

The gospel today talks about how Jesus testifies on Himself, that He is the Son of God. Jesus said; “Were I to testify on my own behalf, my testimony would not be valid. Then Jesus give some explanation or give statements that He is sent by God:
1.      From the testimony of John the Baptist
2.     The works of the Father through Jesus. The works (erga), not only miracles but also His works to reveals the Father and to be a light
3.     The God Father testimony
4.     Holybible (old testament)
From that 4 statements, especially part 2 and 4, we know, and we believe in Jesus, and we believe that Jesus is the Son of God (sent by God). Like the gospel say; “You study the scriptures”; study (ueraunao) means to research, and maybe to interpretated a gospel like we are doing inthe school when we learn a holybible.
Now, the question is have we testified God in our daily life? Or, maybe we have testified, but it is for ourselves and not for God
Yes, Jesus said that “I’m not depended on human testimony”. But now, in this modern era, many people did not believe again that God still exists. So in my reflection, as a sign that we believe that God still exists, we should give testimony to many people, since we are called for it.
We give testimony not for ourselves but for God. How could we become a testimony? That is throught a simple life, like Jesus did.

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